Giantz Cordless Portable Framing Nailer Gas Nail Gun

Giantz Cordless Portable Framing Nailer Gas Nail Gun

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The Giantz Framing Nailer offers a performance-driven fastening solution for professionals and DIYers alike and is engineered to class-leading quality standards for greater reliability and improved durability. Compatible with 50mm to 90mm framing nails, the nailer is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as framing, decking, flooring, crate/pallet assembly and much more. The heavy-duty unit features full sequential actuation and boast a rate of 1,000 nails per hour and comes with two ultra-lightweight 7.4V Li-Ion batteries, each of which provides up to 3,000 shots per charge. It is designed for prolonged use with a comfortable slip-proof grip and an efficient exhaust port for fast heat dissipation. More importantly, the framing nailer is 100% compatible with industry standard framing fuel cells for convenient gas cell changes. Also included are a bonus carry case and two nail strips.

* Compatible with industry fuel cells
* Compatible with 50mm-90mm 34°nails
* Depth adjustable gun head
* 1000 nails per hour
* 3000 shots per charge
* High nail capacity
* Triple press-hardened drive blade
* Incorporated tool belt latch
* Comfortable elastomer grip handle
* Includes two li-ion batteries, charger strip, and bonus glasses
* Bonus carry case and two nail strips

* Speed: 2 - 3 nails per second, sequential operation
* Nail Capacity: 1 strip (48 nails)
* Nail Range: 2'(50mm)-3.'5 (90mm)
* Nail Type: 34o paper collected strip nails
* Nails per Fuel: 1000 nails (approx.)
* Battery Type: 7.4V 1.2Ah Lithium Battery
* Battery Life: 3000 nails (approx.)
* Cleaning Interval: 10,000 nails
* Bonus nails: 2 strips (80nails)

Package Content
1 x Gas Framing Nailer
2 x Li-ion Battery
1 x AC-DC Switcher
1 x Charger
1 x Safty Glasses
1 x Oil
1 x Tough Carrying Case
1 x Manual
2 x Bonus nails