Gardeon LED Light Water Blade Feature Waterfall 60cm

Gardeon LED Light Water Blade Feature Waterfall 60cm

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Soothing water sounds and an illuminating ambience to set the mood. With our Gardeon Waterfall Blade, you can really enjoy the peaceful, easy feeling with a brilliant LED blue lighting effect. The sleek blade enables water to fall with graceful elegance while providing a beautiful water feature for your outdoor garden or home interior. The quality 304 stainless steel construction is immaculate with no worries about corrosion. Best of all, the ample flow rate of up to 2,000 gallons per hour ensures a rich water flow that brings serenity and better air quality to your home environment as well as to you continually.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Blue LED lightening
Removable LED light bar
Waterproof adaptor
Soothing water sounds
Practical and reliable design
Easy to use and clean
Anti-rust and durable
Rounded safety edges

Material: 304 Stainless steel
Overall dimension: 60cm x 11cm x 8cm
Connector inner diameter: BSP G 1" (Female thread)
Connector at the bottom: 2
Connector length: 2.2cm
Connector inner diameter: 32mm

Package Content
1 x Waterfall blade
1 x LED light bar (Blue)
1 x Adaptor