Devanti Portable Air Conditioner Mobile Fan Cooler Dehumidifier 22000BTU

Devanti Portable Air Conditioner Mobile Fan Cooler Dehumidifier 22000BTU

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DEVANTi Portable Heater Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle Fan Dehumidifier 22000BTU

Hot days are not too far away. So why not pick up a Devanti 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner. Fact is, the air conditioner is four appliances in one: heater, air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier. In whichever mode, you can always count on ample cool or warm air at your preferred temperature from its reverse cycle operation. It also uses MIST evaporative technology that efficiently evaporates water for speedier cooling. Perfect for room sizes between 25 and 30m2, the air conditioner is portable and highly efficient, with up to 40% in energy savings. The air conditioner can also be set to work for a preset number of hours with its 24-hour timer and an Auto Swing function helps to direct air flow where you need it most. Not least, the quiet operation belies the fact that it is running on two high performance motors for optimum performance.

* Perfect for 25 to 30m2 application area
* Four modes - Air cooling, Heater, Dehumidifier, 3-speed Fan
* Reverse cycle operation
* Smart LED display
* Remote control
* Auto swing function for direct airflow
* 24-hour timer and sleep mode
* MIST evaporative technology
* Quiet operation
* Energy efficient
* High temperature corrosion-resistant copper tubes
* High performance twin motors
* Built-in handles and castors for easy movement
* Comes with castor locks
* Removable mesh filter for regular cleaning
* Simple installation
* Window exhaust piping and fittings included
* SAA-approved power cord and 10A plug
* SAA, EMC, CB, CE certified


* Rated volt: 220-240V
* Rated Frequency: 50Hz
* Rated cooling: 22000 BTU/h Capacity (6.15kW)
* Rated heating: 14000 BTU/h Capacity (4.4kW)
* Cooling input power: 1600W
* Heating input power: 1450W
* Rated input power: 2080W
* Cooling current: 7.3A
* Heating current: 6.5A
* Rated current: 10.8A
* Dehumidifying capacity: 64L/day
* Cooling range: 18 - 32°C (effective)
* Heating range: 13 - 27°C (effective)
* Noise: 55dB(A)
* Refrigerant/Charge: R410A / 0.5kg (CFC Free)
* EER: A Grade
* Airflow volume: 330m3/h
* Water proof protection: IPX0
* Max low pressure: 2.1MPa
* Max high pressure: 4.2MPa
* LRA of compressor: 28A
* Colour: White

Package Content
1 x Portable Air Conditioner
1 x Window Exhaust Kit
1 x Hose
1 x Remote
1 x User Manual