DEVANTI Gas Water Heater NG Natural Gas 26L White

DEVANTI Gas Water Heater NG Natural Gas 26L White

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DEVANTI Gas Water Heater 26L Instant Hot Outdoor System Natural Gas White

Instantaneous and continuous hot water on demand. That is the beauty of the Devanti Gas Water Heater. With a high capacity hot water flow, the gas heater ensures that your hot shower is always pleasurable and comforting. More so with its adjustable temperature and constant temperature setting for a best temperature shower. Easy to operate with a LED display remote control (optional multiple controllers are also possible), the gas heater also has a number of built-in safety controls such as overheat protection, anti-deflagration ignition protection, high and low water pressure protection, flame failure protection, dry combustion protection and not least, a child-lock safety protection. Designed for wall-mounted outdoor installation, the gas heater has a 6-star gas energy rating and is fully AGA and WaterMark certified for use with Australian homes.

26L/min high capacity hot water flow
Outdoor installation
Tank-less and wall mount design
Constant temperature function
LED display remote control
Anti-frozen protection
Child lock safety protection
Power shut-off memory
Anti-deflagration ignition device
Low NOX combustion
Full-time intelligent safety monitoring system
Adjustable temperature setting
6-star gas energy rating
AGA and Water Mark certification

Installation type: Outdoor
Flow rate: 26L/min
Gas type: Natural gas
Rated power: 50W
Rated voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Rated current: 0.35A
Temperature range: 37-60 degrees
Max. gas pressure (pa): 5000
Rated gas pressure (pa): 1130
Min. gas pressure (pa): 1130
Suitable water pressure (Mpa): 0.02-1.0
Min. startup water flow (L/min): 3.5-0.3
Min. startup water pressure (Mpa): 0.02
Cover coating: UV powder
Colour: White

Package Content
1 x DEVANTI NP Gas Water Heater
1 x Controller
1 x Wire
1 x User Manual
1 set x Wall Mount Accessories