2x Towing Mirrors Pair Heavy Duty Multi Fit Clamp On Towing Caravan 4X4 Trailer

2x Towing Mirrors Pair Heavy Duty Multi Fit Clamp On Towing Caravan 4X4 Trailer

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Going camping towing a caravan or a camper trailer? But before you go, did you know that the field of vision to be provided by vehicle mirrors is set out by law in Australia? That means when you are towing large objects that are wider than your vehicle, your standard mirrors will not suffice, and you are legally required to fit in extension mirrors. That is why you need our Towing Mirror, a no-fuss solution that can be mounted onto your existing side mirrors. Installation is easy with no tools required. The mirror can be attached using both clamps with bolts and straps, with a safety harness as well for a secure hold. And the straps are made of rubber to prevent damage to your existing mirrors. The mirror is 360° angle-adjustable with its heavy-duty rotating ball-joint, meaning you always have a good view. And the upgraded design with the standard flat mirror and an additional small convex mirror completely eliminates blind spots. Best of all, it is universally mountable so that you can install it on any vehicle, from sedans to trucks to four-wheel drives.

Pair of universal multi-fit mirrors
Premium strap system
Clamps with stainless steel bolts
Mirror tension can be adjusted easily
Heavy-duty 360° rotating ball-joint
E-Mark certified
Safety harness
No tools required
Easy to install
Ideal for 4x4, large and small cars

Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Weight: 700g
Big (flat) mirror size: 125mm x 130mm
Small (convex) mirror size: 105mm x 45mm
Strap size: 390mm x 21mm x 2.5mm
Pole length: 300mm
Overall size: 460mm x 125mm x 75mm

Package Contents:
2 x Towing Mirror