Giantz Winch Recovery Snatch Straps Kit

Giantz Winch Recovery Snatch Straps Kit

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11 Piece Winch Recovery Kit
Boasting 3 different capacity of snatch strap, foldable shovel, bow shackles, snatch
block pulley, recovery damper and gloves to cater all needs.

* 11 Piece Recovery Kit Set
* 3 Snatch Straps
* Foldable Shovel ith Carry Bag
* 2 Pieces 4.75 Tonnes Bow Shackles
* 8 Tonnes Snatch Block Pulley
* Recovery Vest to Prevent Injury
* All comes in compact carry Bag

* 20m snatch strap breaking strain: 5000kg
* 8m snatch strap breaking strain: 8000kg
* 3m snatch strap breaking strain: 12000kg
* 4.75 tonne bow shackles: 2pcs
* Foldable shovel: 1
* A pair of leather gloves
* Snatch block pulley
* Recovery damper
* Carry bag

Package Contents
1 x 11 Peice Recovery Kit