About us

Our online business started out small by a work from home Mum selling farming products from our family run farm on Oxley Island on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Before long our product range grew to include pet supplies, recreational products, home and garden products, and many more. Through good old fashioned values, hard work, quality products from reputable suppliers, and exceptional customer service, Mum’s online business grew in popularity and now includes multiple E-commerce stores.

We have a wonderful team of people who take great pride in delivering high standards. Our combined level of knowledge and experience is diverse and includes; farming, horticulture, photography, carpentry, customer service, mechanical engineering and, manufacturing experience in plastics, electronics, and metal fabrication.

Our product range is extensive, and we ensure that our suppliers and manufacturers are ISO quality certified with a proven track record of supplying quality products at the best possible price. We keep up to date with the latest genuine products which are carefully researched before offering them to the market. By keeping our overheads down and our margins low we are able to offer very competitive pricing.